Requirements for Mobile Deposit
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Guidelines for your mobile deposits
Due to new regulations, all mobile deposits now require the written words “For Mobile Deposit” to be visible under your signed endorsement.
While many checks have a checkbox for mobile deposit, regulations require you write the words "For Mobile Deposit" in order for us to accept the check for remote deposit.  
Please follow these steps when using mobile deposit:
• Download and log into our mobile app.

• Select “Check Deposit”.     *Follow the prompts*

• Select which account to deposit into from the drop down menu.

• Enter amount of deposit.

All payees must sign the back of the check.  Write "For Mobile Deposit" under your signature.

• Using your device camera, take a picture of the front of the check. 

• Take a picture of the back of the check. TO AVOID DEPOSIT REJECTION, be sure the check is endorsed properly with “For Mobile Deposit”. Line up the image and check that it is legible and not cutoff.

• After submitting your deposit, mark the check so you know it was deposited and hold onto it for your own records for up to a year.

• If your remote deposit rejects, you will receive an explanatory email notification within a business day.

• Third party checks and checks made out to ‘cash’ or ‘Central One’ are not accepted through mobile deposit. The payee must be an owner of the deposit account.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at 800-527-1017.
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